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Southern Illinois University Emergency Communications


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Jessica Mann
University Communications
(618) 453-8734


The Emergency Communications website is a portal for news and information during an emergency that affects the campus of Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

Further information about the present emergency, including links, plans, resources, and contact information will also be available on this website.

SIU Alerts are messages about an emergency. The message may alert you to an emergency situation, ask you to take action, or both. Some weather warnings including flash flood, severe thunderstorm, winter storm, and tornado warnings will also be sent as an SIU Alert. The messages are short (only 160 characters long). For more detailed information, you may need to go to another source of University emergency information.

In some instances, an SIU Alert will appear on the SIU homepage, along with a link directing you to the Emergency Communications website. During all other times, you can reach the Emergency Communications website by clicking on the "EMERGENCY PROCEDURES" link on the home page or by going directly to the site.

Please note that no communication distribution method, including the Internet, is infallible. For that reason, SIU uses redundant systems of emergency communication, including telephone, e-mail, radio, and person-to person, to distribute news and instructions during an emergency. Before an emergency arrives, please make yourself aware of all of the distribution methods by visiting our Emergency Communications website at